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Stephy Beck & her team develop highly profitable marketing strategies for independents and businesses. Summarized in one sentence: It all comes down to the right digital positioning! Only this brings you more money and your dream customers.


Stephy Beck is a German multi-entrepreneur and also known as an author and digital business consultant.

Unlike many business coaches, trainers, speakers and mentors who make money by “coaching” others without having a business or investment of their own, Stephy has global company holdings and her own businesses that she actively manages. Her companies and investments are as diverse as her personality itself….

  • Stephy Beck has her own software company in addition to her digital business consulting, primarily specializing in AI-based process analysis and optimization.
  • Her Digital Organization Solution is a market leader in the hospitality and restaurant industries.
  • Her latest software project is positioned in the construction, real estate and facility management segment and is one of the emerging winners in the industry.
  • In addition to software and IT, Stephy has also launched several physical products. These include food products that have made it to nationwide listings in supermarkets such as EDEKA and placement in REWE stores.

Stephy Beck founded her first marketing agency at a young age, was honored by the international search engine Google worldwide for her performance in online advertising and is co-founder of another software company that ensures that customers automatically earn more money online.

This is just an excerpt of the companies and projects that Stephy has built up, managed or actively invested in over the past few years. Stephy Beck is an entrepreneur with heart and soul! In the STEPHY BECK ACADEMY, her clients therefore benefit exclusively from strategies that really work in practice and that Stephy herself has implemented.

Stephy is always on the lookout for good contacts, cooperation partners or companies in which she can participate. You want to learn more about Stephy’s company, apply for a cooperation or work with her personally?

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Stephy Beck serial entrepreneur | author | investor


I believe that there is almost nothing that is not possible. Often we hold ourselves back - out of fear, insecurity, maybe even ignorance. But here is the point: If you give up before you have even tried something, you are guaranteed to fail! My motto in life "try & you win!", because if you don't try - you've already lost... but if you dare, you'll realize that it's often easier than you thought! ;-) - STEPHY BECK

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