Hi I’m Stephy!

By mid-twenty I lost everything >> but by 28 I was a Millionaire. 

Hey! It' s nice that you are here and reading these lines right now, apparently wanting to know more about me.

I'm not a fan of the boring texts: I did this, then this, then this... so let's start off differently here. The 3 most important things you should know about me.

  1. I don´t believe in coincidences! I trust. Everything in life happens for a reason. Even we're meeting here, there is a Reason! <3

  2. I believe that every person can achieve anything he or she wants! No matter how utopian or impossible it may seem at first sight.

  3. I provoke. I've loved doing that since I was a kid and somehow I never got away from it... Sometimes I say what people don't like to hear, I'm not perfect, but I always mean well with you!

  4. I hate to stay in boxes :D and exactly for this reason there are not only 3 but 4 points you should know about me! Life consists of abundance, instead of lack - for all and everyone there is enough, and if you do not have today what you would like to have, I can show you a way to change exactly that, ☺ if - and this is the only condition >> you are open to it & trust!

So let's get started! 

Now you know the most important things about me.

I love writing, I'm a passionate author, tech entrepreneur, founder of the FemEnergy Foundation, and my friends call me the Master Manifestor or a Truffle Pig.

Today I lead my absolute dream life, have built up a million / 7 digit company within a very short time, travel the world, can afford what I like, am invited to the most exclusive fashion events on earth (world) and - the most important thing:

I live a carefree life (!) without stress, time pressure or financial constraints...

But that was not always so!

In my mid-20s, I was faced with the shambles of my life.

But this is where my journey to myself started and this turned out to be my big breakthrough and people started asking me, "Stephy, how did you do that?"

Here comes my story - unrefined & from where it all started....

I grew up on a little farm in a small village in Germany where only 400 people were living.

My family wasn't rich or wealthy and I didn't have any extraordinary abilities... quite the opposite! In my childhood I never was one of the "cool kids". Either I was too fat, too skinny, too tall, too excited, I had too big eyes, was too loud, dressed too weird or hung out with the wrong people. 

Honestly, I hated school, struggled with weight issues, and the bullying thing got so serious that I had to change schools and left my home at 15.

From that point on, I was on my own two feet. To earn some extra money, I looked for a job at that time. I didn't have a degree, any professional skills or any work experience, but I wanted to earn "a lot of money fast" and so I ended up on the assembly line in a factory for car parts. 

I still remember well how I took refuge in my dreams day in, day out. In my mind's eye, I imagined that if I could just somehow make it to Los Angeles, everything would be fine and my life would be a dream! 

At that time, the movie "The Secret" fell into my hands and I came into contact with the magic of manifesting for the first time (without really knowing it was manifesting) ☺ It was said that you have to define exactly what you want and then - as best you can - imagine it. At least that was the part I understood at the time. 

 So I began to imagine that I was already in Santa Monica, living my dream. I imagined that I would be popular, have no money worries, that the sun would always be shining and that I would be inline skating on the beach. I watched shows and series about California and pinned in my journal all the places I would visit if I lived there. Every day that I actually went inline skating, I didn't go to the neighboring town, but in my mind I was skating on the beach in Santa Monica and along. On one side the sea and on the other the city.

"It may sound crazy, but what did I have to lose?"

This goal was so far away for me that it seemed impossible that I would really live in Los Angeles one day. I was terrible at English and had no money or networks!

 Everyone around me thought I was crazy, a dreamer who should get these pipedreams out of her head once and for all, and the voices around me were getting louder:

"Stephy, you've got to stop dreaming!"

"Do something clever!"

"...get a decent job!"

"Life is not a picnic"

When I finally sat in the travel agency with hope at the age of 18 and inquired about a flight ticket to America, the travel agent asked me completely disgustedly what I wanted there. After all, I would not be of age in the USA until I was 21 and could not do anything there...

She also tried to talk me out of that " bullshit" and "big dream of America".

Slowly I began to doubt myself and one night when I was once again counting the hours until finishing work in the morning, I felt I had to get out!

 My English skills were grossly bad and although everyone without any exception had told me that it would be impossible to end up in L.A... I started writing applications.

 From the moment I set my goal to live in Los Angeles at the age of 21, I wasn't working for money, I was working for my dream! 

100 applications later, I didn't have a single response. 

Neither an acceptance, nor a rejection.


It seemed that everyone else was right and I had overestimated myself.

I was about to give up when I finally mustered up the last of my courage and introduced myself in a Facebook community for jobs in L.A. I was so excited that I decided to apply....

 6 months later, shortly after my 21st birthday, I landed in LOS ANGELES.


After all the ups and downs in my life, this was my personal proof, that nothing is impossible, unless you really want something in life and trust the magic of living. 

Los Angeles made me an entrepreneur and when I came back 8 month later, I founded my first own company: Creating websites and online shops for small business owners.

Business went well and my team and I even won an international award from Google for running the best paid ad campaign. After that we skyrocketed.

Within 4 years I opened 3 offices, had employees and premium clients from all around the world.

From the outside it looked like I reached the top! 

I was driving a beautiful yellow sports car, had a harmonic relationship, earned a lot of money and was living in a beautiful penthouse in the middle of Berlin.

I had everything that people could call “success”, but inside I was empty.

I was running my own rat race and lost day by day passion and purpose…

…until my life changed in 1 second.


A few weeks before I turned 26, my body shut me down. I will never forget the turning point in my life.

It was 10am in the morning and I already did my 3rd client meeting, when I was about to leave for the next, everything around me turned dark and I fell to the bottom.

After that, nothing was like before. Things that were easy in the past seemed impossible now and I couldn’t be the person I once was.

There is a saying by Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!” And so all that could go wrong, went wrong. I lost my relationship, was robbed in the middle of Berlin and went bankrupt.

3 weeks destroyed everything I had in my life.

I was paralyzed. Ashamed of myself, I withdrew completely.

My inner voice tried to find answers, but in the end I only got more questions....

"Why me?" "How could this happen to me?"

Getting lost is finding yourself!

While my life was always about money, business and success, I was now moving in the other direction and ended up joining a charity project that helped orphans in Thailand.

Surprisingly, this organization brought me months later to Dubai, where I tried to put the pieces together.

I was still lost, but I tried everything to find myself and to get back on track.

It was summer and over 50 degrees. No one was on the street and I felt like I was in a ghost town. Dubai reflected what it looked like inside me. Empty. I was lost in a world metropolis and tried in vain to find myself.... 

I joined yoga classes and meditations, tried hypnosis sessions, family constellations and much more. Every day I hoped to find "something". Some kind of "magic moment" that would make me passionate and meaningful about life again. But that didn’t happen….

After 6 month trying to be strong and figuring out to help myself, I realized I was stuck and I decided to invest what I had last in coaching for wealth, money and happiness.

$100.000 in 2 weeks, with ease, happiness & purpose!

After two months, I didn’t see any BIG results, but by the end of the third month, I earned $40.000, two more months later I reached my first $100.000.

People started asking me how I did it and this was the beginning of my own academy, where we help people create and grow their own business, reaching financial freedom, wealth and happiness. 

Not with hustle or to trade time for money, but with ease, feminine energy and happiness. Since 2019 more than 3500 clients joined the academy, learning how to create a life full of wealth, happiness, and freedom and (the most important point) the possibility of living a life to the fullest.

Life is too short to think about what you could do…

Do it!

Trust – try - win!

Because if I can make it with no possibilities from a small village in Bavaria to the top of the world, living now in Burj Khalifa, earning multi millions in less than 3 years by starting from 0 - Trust me - you can do the same!

Let me tell you something…

I learned that every end is a new beginning.

In 2012 I was a 20 year old tourist visiting Dubai who wanted to see the tallest building on our planet, Burj Khalifa.

 I was impressed and while I was waiting in the tourist line to go up and enjoy the view from above, I was watching the people who passed the line, because they were residents living in Burj Khalifa. I remember questioning myself “who the hell could afford living here? And what kind of people are the residents of this high-end luxury building?” 

Back then, if you had asked me to imagine that 10 years later I’ll be living there, I would’ve laughed in your face because it wasn’t even a possibility. But yeah, in February 2020 I became a resident of Burj Khalifa while making money by traveling the world and always  living my life on the bright side.

Whatever I wanted in life, I got it and after years of failure, self-doubts, struggle and losing, I finally discovered it’s not LUCK, it’s a skill, that everyone can learn and achieve.

You only need 3 things:

Trust – Try – WIN

  1. You need to trust in life and magic happenings and believe people who have already what you want for yourself and reach out. Because life always supports you in realizing your true dreams.
  2. You need to be open and willing to try, not only to wait. Trying to bring my thoughts, believes and dogmas to a good track with positive energy, changed my whole world. I became queen of manifestation (without even knowing its called manifestation).
  3. To win, means to receive. Only people who learn receiving, can be happy, rich, and wealthy.

For me everything started with the right thoughts, believing my coach, and following a redline. It helped me to not only dream about what I want, but actually creating the life of my dreams and living my wishes.

Don’t waste time, trust yourself and in the magic of moments. Nothing happens without a reason, get involved, try and finally WIN! 

You will see, how beautiful life is from the top! <3